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Welcome to Nivala



Nivala is a lively town in the countryside, which is the perfect combination for nature tourism and relaxation. Traffic congestions, trams and hustle and bustle are conspicuously absent – and that’s exactly what makes Nivala an easily approachable town.

Nivala is like made for a sporty holiday – nature paths, mountain biking routes and the Uikko sports centre most certainly meet every need of an active person. Matches of local sports societies colour the weekends and are an excellent opportunity to explore the active and communal style of living in Nivala. For golf enthusiasts can be found a full-sized golf course in Nivala maintained by Nivalan Seudun Golf, the local golf club. The legendary Tuiskula entertainment centre has responded for the supply of entertainment in Nivala already for several generations. The very well-known entertainment centre in North Ostrobothnia attracts Finland’s top artists and performers, then traditions and the latest winds of culture encounter in a magnificent way!

Enjoy trips in wilderness and hiking in the peace of nature, but close to town services. Furthermore, the Nivala region is along the migration routes of many bird species, which is why many bird watchers live and visit the area. Enormous flocks of geese, cranes and ruffs stop to rest in the open fields of Nivala, whereas in the marshes you can follow the courtship of the black grouses. There are several water systems in Nivala that have been renovated for waterfowl, but the Erkkisjärvi Lake birdwatching tower particularly is a popular destination among birdwatchers!

You can familiarize yourself with the colourful phases of our local history in our museums or cultural events that are arranged throughout the year. Especially the Konikapina Rebellion Week – the name of which goes back to the historical Konikapina peasant uprising – is the highlight of Nivala’s summer! In the same week will take place Uikon Taikaa – Uikko Magic town festival bringing top performers and audience from all over Finland to the festival stages.

Katvala Museum of Local History and Culture maintained by Nivala-Seura, the local heritage society, brings the life of different eras for us to look at and the Tillarigalleria Art Gallery’s changing art exhibitions appeal to art lovers. In conjunction with the gallery a cultural-historical workroom museum of a local author Kyösti Wilkuna can be found. The history of nationally renowned residents of Nivala is displayed by the Kyösti and Kalervo Kallio Museum, where the visitors can familiarize themselves with the life stages of the president of the republic and his sculptor son in details.


See & experience

Nivala is a very active town in the embrace of countryside, where you can find things to do for every day of your holiday, regardless of the season. If you want to exercise indoors or more freely in the bosom of nature, Nivala has a lot to offer you.

The culture is rich in Nivala and near the heart of the townspeople. In addition to museums and galleries, the event culture in Nivala is not only traditional, but also constantly growing and developing.

Accommodation services, restaurants and cafés invite you to spend an enjoyable holiday in the lively and active Nivala!


Information about Nivala

Nivala is a town of around 10.000 inhabitants located in the Oulu South region in North Ostrobothnia. Entrepreneurship, work and quality services are valued in Nivala. Nivala is not only a traditional agricultural municipality, which belongs to the top municipalities in milk and meat production in Finland, but also a home for the largest industrial park in Finland, with one hundred enterprises and a thousand workplaces. The location is known for its many noteworthy persons of the state along with historical events. In Nivala we put great effort on educational opportunities and leisure time activities, such as sports and culture.



It is easy to arrive in Nivala – whether you come by car or train. Those arriving by train get off at the local regional train stop, about one kilometre away from the town centre. It is comfortable to arrive by train in Nivala from almost anywhere in Finland. Check the schedule at

Busses arrive at Matkahuolto station located at the corner of the Keskustie and Toritie streets. From there it is convenient to move on foot to almost anywhere in the centre of Nivala.

In the town centre the easiest way to get around is on foot. Areas outside the town centre can easily be reached by taxi

Whether you move by car, bus or train, we warmly wish you welcome to Nivala!


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